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SriLankan Airlines Improves Fuel Efficiency Rankings
Following the implementation of a range of fuel efficiency and conservation measures to reduce fuel burn over the last 22 months, SriLankan Airlines has climbed to eighth position globally in IATA fuel efficiency ranking amongst 51 airlines. 
SriLankan achieved an efficiency rating of 34.86Ltr/100RTK (litresper 100 revenue ton kilometers), in International Air Transport Association’s (IATA)2016 ranking of airlines.
The airline was ranked 15th overall in the 2015 ratings. 
 The IATA benchmark for the year 2016 is 35.26Ltr/100RTK. 
SriLankan Airlines achieved a saving of over US$2.3 million, when comparing the planned fuel burn-off, against the actual in 22 months from August 2015 to June 2017.
The airline’s fuel saving efforts are driven by a specialized Aviation Fuel Department in the Flight Operations Division, which seeks to reduce fuel usage. 
Amongst the measures taken to save fuel are; flying on direct routes whenever possible, optimizing flight levels to fly at the most fuel-efficient altitudes, maximum usage of engine reverse thrust when landing, taxi-in with single engine after landing and optimising use of the auxiliary power unit. 
Fuel tankering by flight dispatch, also allowed SriLankan to save US$2.7 million in the same period. 
Airlines use fuel tankering as a method to reduce their purchase of fuel at airports where fuel prices are high and instead carry fuel from airports with lower fuel prices. 
Tankering is extensively used on flights to Maldives, where fuel prices are the highest in the network. This means the fuel load required for the return trip from the Maldives to Colombo will be carried out of Colombo.
] Some of the destinations where tankering is practicedby SriLankan are destinations in South India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand 
as fuel prices at these destinations are low, hence additional fuel is brought in, to minimize fuel uplift for the next flight from Colombo, where fuel price is higher.



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