General David L. Goldfein Takes Charge as 21st CSAF
Posted: 2016 Jul 08

General David L. Goldfein has taken over as the 21st Chief of the USAF after he was sworn in by Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James during a ceremony at the Pentagon on July 1. Goldfein is now responsible for ensuring the 660,000 active-duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian Airmen who are part of the USAF are fully trained and equipped. He also joins the Joint Chiefs of Staff as an adviser to the secretary of defence, National Security Council and the president of the United States.
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BAE Systems to Display Eurofighter Typhoon in Full P3E Configuration at Farnborough
Posted: 2016 Jul 08

BAE Systems will display the Eurofighter Typhoon in full Phase 3 Enhancement configuration at this year’s Farnborough air show. The display will demonstrate Typhoon carrying four Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missiles, two Brimstone 2 low collateral precision strike weapons, two ASRAAM missiles and two Paveway IV laser guided precision weapons.
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Thales to Support British Army Watchkeeper UAS Fleet
Posted: 2016 Jul 08

Thales has been awarded an £80 million contract by the UK Ministry of Defence to support the British Army’s combat proven Watchkeeper Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). As part of the contract Thales will provide technical support and the continuation of the Watchkeeper Training Facility along with additional instructional capacity for pilot and mission system operators, maintainers and support crew. Thales will also provide direct maintenance support, including the provision of trained personnel to enhance the Army’s front-line engineering capacity. 

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France Orders Laser-Guided Rockets for Tiger Helicopter
Posted: 2016 Jul 08

The French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) announced on June 30, that a subsidiary of Thales, TDA Armaments SAS, has been awarded a contract for the development and acquisition of laser guided 68 mm rockets for French Army Tiger helicopters. 
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French Navy Undertakes Test Fire with SSBN Triumphant and M51 Missile
Posted: 2016 Jul 08

The French SSBN The Triumphant and its M51 ballistic missile have been validated under operational conditions. A French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) owned test centre monitored the missile until impact in the North Atlantic several hundred kilometers from any coast. 

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