Gabonese Republic Contracts for New Equipment from Nexter
Posted: 2016 Jun 16

The Gabonese Republic has signed a number of new contracts with Nexter at the ongoing Eurosatory trade show. The equipment will be delivered to the Gabonese Army and includes the supply of FINDSAT positioning systems, new NERVA LG UGVs equipped with various mission kits, NX-100 UAVs from our partner NOVADEM, and mobile medical shelters from the Group’s subsidiary, Euro-Shelter.
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Southwest Research Institute Celebrates a Decade of Unmanned Systems Programmes
Posted: 2016 Jun 16

The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI, an American developer of high performance automated driving algorithms and unmanned systems, is celebrating a decade of its Mobile Autonomous Robotics Technology Initiative at the Eurosatory trade show underway in Paris. The systems developed by the firm have been deployed four continents and seven countries, including Afghanistan. 
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Apache Attack Helicopters Join Fight Against ISIL
Posted: 2016 Jun 16
The U.S. military has begun using Boeing Apache attack helicopters for the first time against Islamic State fighters in Iraq. An Apache strike destroyed an ISIL target in Iraq on June 12, after the attack helicopter was called into action. “U.S. Apache helicopters have entered the fight in Iraq against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Commanders have used the Apache capability that we positioned there and that [President Barack Obama] authorized them to use some months ago," said Defense Secretary Ash Carter. 
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Leonardo-Finmeccanica VULCANO Fires with Rockwell Collins NavFireTM GPS technology
Posted: 2016 Jun 15

Rockwell Collins will supply its NavFireTM Precision Positioning Service (PPS) GPS to Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s VULCANO family for naval and artillery applications. “We have customized the NavFire receivers for the particular caliber of the ammunition, and provided full support to the customer during and after the firing trials,” said Claude Alber, vice president and managing director, Europe, Middle East and Africa for Rockwell Collins. 
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New Ground Master 60 Variant Launched by Thales
Posted: 2016 Jun 15

Thales has launched a new radar as part of its Ground Master family, with the launch of the new compact 3D tactical Ground Master 60 radar. The compact new multi-mission radar is capable of detecting all types of targets while on-the-move and has also been adapted for operational deployment on a vehicle. 
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