KMW+NEXTER Defense Systems Showcase Product Portfolio
Posted: 2016 Jun 15

KMW and Nexter Systems are putting up a strong show at Eurosatory 2016, displaying the future development of the LEOPARD 2 and a series of other innovations in wheeled vehicles and armaments. Amongst the state-of-the-art land and armored systems being displayed at Eurosatory, the highlight was the new LEOPARD 2 A7V, which seeks to cater for the future requirements of the German Armed Forces and incorporates a number of new technologies and systems,
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Curtiss-Wright Offers Solutions for M60 and Challenger 1 MBT Upgrades
Posted: 2016 Jun 15

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division is offering an upgrade solution in partnership with Raytheon that provides M60 and Challenger 1 main battle tanks (MBT) with a new turret drive and stabilization system. Curtiss-Wright’s Electric Gun Turret Drive Upgrade Kit will upgrade the ageing MBTs with a state-of-the art full electro-mechanical drive that replaces the older, less accurate hydraulic and hybrid-based turret stabilization systems. Successful live fire tests have already been completed with the upgraded tanks. 
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Airbus DS Electronics & Border Security (EBS) - Single Source for Key Sensor Technology
Posted: 2016 Jun 15

A new player has entered the market with high-tech sensor offerings at Eurosatory 2016. The newly formed company called Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS) is being touted as a single source for key sensor technologies. Currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, EBS will offer innovative products for reconnaissance and intelligence, the protection of soldiers and the creation of situation awareness. 
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Thales and Soframe Launch Military Vehicle Fleet Management Solution
Posted: 2016 Jun 15

Thales and Soframe have launched MILFLEET, a set of fleet management services based on predictive maintenance for military vehicles, at Eurosatory 2016. MILFLEET optimises the operational readiness of vehicle fleets, simplifying system and equipment maintenance. 
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Saab Receives Finnish Army BT46 Training Systems Order
Posted: 2016 Jun 15

Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract with the Finnish Defence Forces for the delivery of BT46 training systems to the Finnish Army. Deliveries will take place during the course of the year. Saab Training & Simulation received the additional order from the customer for an upgrade of the training systems, which will be delivered to the armor brigade at Parolannummi and the KASI site in Sakyla. KASI is the Finnish Army’s mobile Combat Training Centre.
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