Roketsan and MBDA Deutschland Sign MoU
Posted: 2016 Jun 09

Roketsan and MBDA Deutschland will further build on their existing partnerships with the decision to enhance their cooperation towards integration of 70mm Laser Guided Missile CIRIT on TIGER UHT helicopters. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard has been signed, where the two companies have agreed on the way forward and defined responsibilities for the programme. 

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Safran to Power South-Korean LCH and LAH helicopters
Posted: 2016 Jun 09

Safran Helicopter Engines has been selected by Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) as the engine supplier for the Korean Light Civil Helicopter (LCH) and Light Armed Helicopter (LAH). The LCH will powered by the existing Arriel 2C2 engine, while the LAH will feature a new engine designated Arriel 2L2.
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BAE Launches UK partnership for Challenger 2 MBT Life Extension
Posted: 2016 Jun 09

BAE Systems has teamed up with seven major defence OEMs in, General Dynamics Land Systems-UK; General Dynamics Mission Systems-International; Leonardo-Finmeccanica (formerly Selex ES Ltd); Moog, QinetiQ and Safran Electronics (formerly Sagem) for the launch of its ‘Team Challenger 2’ bid to modernise the Challenger 2 MBT. The Challenger 2 will form a key part of the British Army’s capability through to 2035, as announced in the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review. 
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Airbus Defence and Space, Telespazio France Consortium Awarded Space-Based Maritime Surveillance Service Contract
Posted: 2016 Jun 09

A four-year contract for the provision of a satellite-based maritime surveillance service for the French Navy has been awarded to an Airbus Defence and Space and Telespazio consortium. A follow-up to Trimaran 1 contract, the new Trimaran 2 contract will allow maritime zone commanders to access optical and radar imaging and AIS (Automatic Identification System) data to enhance the effectiveness of national maritime missions. France has an economic exclusion zone covering more than 11 million km², the second largest in the world behind the United States.
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Babcock & BAE Systems to Sustain Royal Navy 4.5-inch Mark 8 guns
Posted: 2016 Jun 09

The Royal Navy has awarded a five-year contract worth £41 million to a joint consortium of Babcock International Group and BAE Systems to ensure the ongoing availability and sustainability of the Royal Navy’s Medium Calibre Guns (MCGs). The contract could be extended by a further five years and the two firms have announced that they will look beyond the duration of the support contract and look to sustain up to all of the 20 in-service 4.5-inch Mark 8 Mod 1 Naval Guns until 2039.
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