Boeing Opens Collaborative Autonomous Systems Laboratory
Posted: 2016 Jul 07

Boeing opened a new research laboratory in June that will test the hardware and software that will go into a new generation of autonomous air, sea and land vehicles and make them work together more effectively as a team or unit. According to Boeing, ‘The 8,100-square-foot (753 square-meters) Collaborative Autonomous Systems Laboratory is dedicated to the development, maturation and validation of autonomous and multi-vehicle collaboration technologies.’
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Raytheon Achieves Milestone for USAF GPS OCX Programme
Posted: 2016 Jul 07

Raytheon has completed another test milestone in its development of the U.S. Air Force's Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System, or GPS OCX. The milestone relates to the completion of the recent "Run For Record" test of the OCX Black Wide Area Network, or B-WAN, which provides network connectivity to unclassified external interfaces for GPS OCX. GPS OCX is being developed by Raytheon under contract to the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center, which is replacing the current GPS operational control system.

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Rockwell Collins Conducts Comprehensive LVC Demonstration
Posted: 2016 Jul 07

Simulators and live aircraft across France, the U.K. and the U.S. took part in a comprehensive Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training demonstration conducted by Rockwell Collins, during a media event in Toulouse, France in June. 

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First Spanish Airbus A400M in Final Assembly
Posted: 2016 Jul 07


The first Airbus A400M built for the Spanish Air Force has entered the final assembly line (FAL) in Seville, after it received its air force paint scheme. The aircraft, production number MSN44, will undergo ground tests in preparation for its maiden flight in mid-July. 

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Iveco Oto Melara Consortium Showcases Centauro II
Posted: 2016 Jun 18

The Iveco Oto Melara Consortium (CIO) showcased its newly developed Centauro II, the latest evolution of the Centauro Family at this year’s edition of the Eurosatory trade show in Paris. The Centauro II represents the logical evolution of the its predecessor, the Centauro, which was the first 8x8 wheeled antitank vehicle in the world with a high-pressure gun. Armed with a third generation 120/45 mm gun, with integrated muzzle brake and semi-automatic loading system, the Centauro II has the fire power equivalent to that of most modern main battle tanks.

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