Major Milestone for Australia's Future Submarine Programme
Posted: 2017 Jul 14
The official opening of Australia’s Future Submarine office has taken place in the presence ofAustralia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.
Australia’s Future Submarine Programme is the largest defence capital investment programme in the nation’s history and will see Naval Group (formerly DCNS) and Lockheed Martin Australia, collaborating with the Australian Department of Defence, to deliver to the Royal Australian Navy a fleet of 12 regionally superior submarines.
The office will house submarine designers, naval architects and engineers who will work alongside each other on Australia’s Future Submarine Programme and is a tripartite secure facility.
The facility will be known as ‘Hughes House’, in recognition of Rear Admiral ‘Oscar’ Hughes, AO, RAN and his invaluable role in Australia’s submarine history as Director of the Collins Submarine Project.
"Today marks an important and tangible milestone for the program as the facility allows all three partners to work together in a modern and highly secure environment to further enhance and develop the already close partnership,” said Herve Guillou, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Naval Group.
“We are looking forward to establishing an Australian workforce in Cherbourg to develop the skills and understanding required to establish a regionally superior submarine and develop a sovereign Australian industrial capability."
The design of the Future Submarine is already well underway and the companies involved in the programme are hosting industry briefings across all states and territories reaching more than 850 Australian companies, detailing how they can become involved.

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