Rafael Samson RWS Dual with M230LF and Trophy Light on Oshkosh Defence JLTV
Posted: 2017 Sep 29
Rafael Advanced Defence Systems will showcase its Samson RWS Dual Stabilised Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) with M230 LF and the lighter APS version Trophy LV (light vehicle) on an Oshkosh Defence JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) at AUSA 2017, Washington DC. 
The combination of Rafael’s Samson Dual with 30mm M230LF RWS and the Trophy LV solution will deliver the highest level of protection, hostile fire detection and greater lethality, increasing operational capabilities and allowing troops to carry out missions with a higher flexibility, maneuverability and confidence. 
In 2015, the Oshkosh Mine Resistant Ambush Protected All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) was fitted with Trophy-LV APS and RCWS encompassing .50 Cal. and Spike ATGM launcher. 
This time Rafael’s RWS solution brings new approach towards the Army’s request for a Stabilised Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) with 30 mm M230 LF.
The operational requirement to equip armoredvehicles with an APS is dictated by the growing proliferation of advanced Anti-armor weapons. Trophy-LV has the proven capability to defeat advanced threats, coupled with handling all safety considerations of an autonomous shooting system, an issue that has raised concerns among potential customers for many years.
Trophy-LV APS capabilities have benefitted from decades of experience at Rafael, developing and integrating APS’s. The principles supporting Trophy LV are similar to those of Trophy HV, an IDF combat fleet APS standard. 
The Trophy HV was first deployment in August 2009 and it performed as intended during Operation "Protective Edge" (summer 2014), where numerous anti-armor threats of different kinds were launched at Merkava IV tanks equipped with Trophy. 
None of those potentially lethal attacks caused casualties to IDF troops. 
According to US Army officials, these capabilities have been tested extensively in 2017 by the US government, confirming previous claims.

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