Hensoldt to Support Korea's Localisation of Mode 5 IFF Systems
Posted: 2017 Dec 01
Hensoldtand South Korean defence group Huneed Technologies have signed a cooperation agreement, concentrating on the area of localisation of Identification-Friend-or-Foe (IFF) Mode-5 equipment.
“We are committed to bring the latest-technology capabilities in IFF into the upcoming IFF performance improvement program of the South Korean armed forces, which will improve the distinction between friendly and hostile forces and thus help to avoid friendly fire”, said Thomas Mller, HensoldtCEO. 
The localisation of the first IFF transponder according to the needs of the Korean armed forces has already been achieved. 
Further strengthening its existing ties to the Korean defence industry, Hensoldtand Huneed have recently finalized the localisation of the IFF transponder LTR 400.
The Korean Armed Forces performance improvement programme aims at the upgrade of the IFF equipment of thousands of Korean aircraft, ships and air defence systems from the existing Mode-4 to the new Mode-5 standard. 
The upgrade is under way in all US and NATO allied nations until mid-2020. After this date, joint missionsare possible only for units with Mode-5-capable equipment. 
Unlike Mode 4 used hitherto, the future Mode 5 standard employs state-of-the-art encryption techniques to avoid hostile manipulation of the signal.
In South Korea, Hensoldt has equipped the identification system of the new multirole tanker aircraft with Mode 5-capable encryption devices and has already provided the Korean Air Force and Army’s Low Altitude Radars with its IFF Mode 5 Technology in cooperation with local Korean industries.

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