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inside                                                      15

                                                                           FINDING NEW

                                                                           ATR is looking to build on
                  MAINTENANCE REP AIR O V ERHA UL                          MARKETS
                                C O V ER S T OR Y / AIRLINES               its entry into the South
                                   RE GIONAL TRANSPOR T                    Korean market
                                   IFE / FLIGHT TRAINING

                                                                           ON THE GO
                                                                05         Airlines see IFE as a
                                                                           key differentiator
                                                HAZY FUTURE

                                       The 737 Max may start flying         20
                                   again in the U.S. in January next
                                   year, but Boeing has work to do         WAKE UP CALL
                                       before regaining the trust of       If India can bring to reality the
                                              the public and that of       changes that are currently being
                                         regulators in other regions       discussed, it could be a game
                                                                           changer for its MRO industry

                                            BRIMMING WITH                  24
                                                POSSIBILITIES              IN ROBUST HEALTH
                                    With aircraft OEMs reaping the         2019 was another good year for
                                     benefits of using digital twins,       major players in the civil aviation
                                    MROs have started to invest in         flight training and simulation
                                             the technology as well        market

                                                                 12        26

                                                     BATTLE OF             GATHERING
                                                   THE GIANTS              MOMENTUM

                                     One of the big contests in the        8tree introduces new capabilities
                                        aviation industry of late has      even as dentCHECK, its dent
                                          been the one to offer the        mapping tool, is approved for use
                                               longest flying routes        by more customers

                                                                 14        28

                                                 REVIVED RTA               GROWING STATURE
                                   De Havilland Canada is pushing          Indian LCCs continue to grow
                                          hard for Dash 8-400 sales

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