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                        YEAR                       EDITOR’S NOTE

                 CREDIT                          Living in Uncertain Times


                                                 The 7387 Max crisis continues to take a toll on Boeing. Apart from the
                                                 company’s sales and profits plummeting, it has also had to deal with the
                                                 bigger problem of not only providing the fix for the problems that caused
                        Editor                   the two crashes but also convincing regulators around the world that the
                  Vittorio Rossi Prudente        aircraft is safe to fly again. The Indonesia’s National Transport Safety
                                                 Committee (NTSC), which investigated the Lion Air crash, has predictably
                     Deputy Editor               pointed fingers at Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),
                      Jay Menon                  piling up the pressure on the aviation giant.
                                                 There seems to be general consensus among aviation regulatory agencies
                 Bangalore Bureau Chief
                      Atul Chandra               around the world that the aircraft shouldn’t be rushed back into service.  it
                is likely that the international regulators will not concurrently approve the
                                                 airplane’s return to service. Do not be surprised if the jet resumes flights in
                 Singapore Bureau Chief          a patchwork fashion, with FAA being the first to give the green signal.
                      Aprajita Anil
                                                 The other big story to follow is the tussle between Airbus and Boeing over
                    US Bureau Chief              their next-generation of long-haul aircraft. Qantas, the early bird among
                   Arun Sivasankaran             operators, is gearing up for Sunrise, its ultra-long-haul initiative. If the
           project is approved, the inaugural flight will take off in 2022/23.
                    Geoffrey Thomas              Although much of the focus is on China that is leading Asia’s aviation
                                                 boom, India is quietly making strides. Much of the growth is due to the
                      Art Director               headway Low Cost Carriers (LCC) operating in the country have made in
                   Miamica Khonglah              recent times. With its growing aircraft fleet size, strategic location
                                                 advantage, rich pool of engineering expertise, and lower labour costs,
                     Web Director                India also has all it takes to be the next major MRO hub in the region.
                     Elmer Valencia
              Another year is about to pass, and I hope you enjoyed our coverage of
                                                 aviation international news and events in 2019 as much as we enjoyed
                  Circulation Manager
                                                 bringing them to you. Please visit our website, for the
                   Akshay Satyamurthy
          latest in aviation and MRO news. As I sign off, let me wish you a joyous
                                                 Holiday Season and a most prosperous and healthy New Year.
                                                 Happy Reading!
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