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necessary for oversight moving forward.” “We
                                                                       will not work the 737 Max until and unless we
                                                                       have full assurance from regulators around the
                                                                       world, our colleagues in the flight deck, engi-
                                                                       neers, and our airlines that the 737 Max is safe,”
                                                                       Sara Nelson, president of the Association of
                                                                       Flight Attendants, which represents United’s
                                                                       flight attendants and those at 19 other airlines,
                                                                       said in a statement.

                                                                       Economic Impact
                                                                       The crashes have so far cost Boeing more than
                                                                       $8 billion, according to Bank of America Merrill
                                                                       Lynch. Sales and deliveries of the Max planes
                                                                       have dried up, and Airbus has made the most
                                                                       of the situation by making major inroads into
                                                                       markets hitherto dominated by the American
                                                                       plane  maker.  After  halting  deliveries  of  the
                                                                       planes  shortly  after  the  grounding,  Boeing
                                                                       later slashed production by 20% to 42 a month.
                                                                       In July, the fourth straight month without any
                                                                       new  orders  for  the  737  Max,  the  company
                                                                       said it could suspend production of the Max
                                                                       altogether.   In September, it received the first
                                                                       converted order in months for the airplane, but
                                                                       the twin crashes continue to take a toll on the
                                                                       company’s deliveries that fell 47% to 302 air-
                                                                       craft in the first nine months of 2019.
                                                                         Not every airline is willing to give the air-
                                                                       craft another chance. Within two weeks of the
                                                                       second crash, Indonesian airline Garuda said
        return to service for at least six months before they consider flying   that it would cancel its US $4.9 billion order for
        on it. US operators, including United Airlines which has 14 of the   50 Max 737s.  The operator has received one
        Boeing 737 Max 9s in its fleet, are prepared to wait before getting   jet from its 2014 order and does not intend to
        the plane back in the air. “We will be incredibly communicative to   take delivery of the other 49. Another airline
        all our customers and very transparent when that aircraft comes   to decide against the 737s is Azerbaijan airline
        back,” says United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Munoz. “The first   AZAL, which has canceled, “due to safety rea-
        and foremost objective is to not assume everyone will want to fly   sons, a US $1 billion contract with the American
        or assume everyone will get over it.  We will wait until everyone   plane maker to purchase 10 737 MAX jets.
        agrees the Max is safe to bring back. We’re going to do this in a   Icelandair has announced that it would be ter-
        safe manner.”                                                  minating 45 of its 737 MAX pilots.
           In October, United Airlines announced that it was taking the   China’s  biggest  airlines,  which  according
        737 Max from its schedule until January 6 next year. The airline   to China Air Transport Association stood to
        expects to cancel 93 flights a day in November and 75 a day in   lose 4 billion yuan (US$579.41 million) if the
        December. American Airlines has announced that it will keep the   grounding of the aircraft lasted until the end
        airplane grounded until January 16. Southwest Airlines, the biggest   of June, have taken a much bigger hit as the
        737 Max customer in the US with 34 aircraft, had announced, as   aircraft continues to be out of service. Many
        early as in July, that it would include the aircraft, in its schedule   Chinese operators have sought compensation
        only after Jan. 5.                                             from Boeing for the disruption caused by the
                                                                       grounding.  Air China, China Southern Airlines
        Making their stand clear                                       and China Eastern Airlines together operate 53
        Labor  unions  representing  flight  attendants  at  American  and   of the 96 Max planes in China. China Eastern
        United  have  reservations  about  bringing  the  troubled  aircraft   Airlines, which has 14 737 Max aircraft, has also
        back into service in haste. “After these two days of hearings, it is   delayed deliveries of future planes. Norwegian
        clear there were serious breakdowns in the supervision of the 737   Air is also hoping to reach an agreement with
        Max,” Lori Bassani, president of the Association of Professional   Boeing on compensation for the grounded
        Flight Attendants, which represents American’s 28,000 cabin crew   planes. Indonesia’s Lion Air Group is expected
        members, wrote in a letter to Boeing’s CEO on Oct. 30. “We have   to incur losses of over US $30 million due to
        fundamental questions about whether the FAA has the resources   the grounding.

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